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Introduction to Church Wall Painting with George Kordis — Fall 2024

SUMMER SCHOOL | Crete 2024

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Fall 2024


A 5-day immersion class with George Kordis on location in Connecticut, USA.

Dates yet to be announced for 2024

Please join the list to be placed on pre-reservation:  CLICK HERE


This unique course is geared for anyone who would like to be introduced to the techniques of creative Byzantine church wall painting.  Participants will have a rare experience to spend the week with master iconographer George Kordis while he and his team of iconographers beautify a new Orthodox Church project in Connecticut, USA in Fall 2024. 

Participants will have the opportunity to both watch the direct process on-site as well as receive training on how to draw and paint on a large scale using a mixed media secco painting technique. 

Specifically the course will cover:

  1. Painting as an organic part of the temple – the relationship of Iconographic themes and architectural forms with the temple as a holistic synthesis in a reference to Divine Liturgy.
  2. Drawing on a large scale. Participants will draw with charcoal on large scale paper both faces and a small composition.
  3. Painting Clothes and hands on a large scale. (exercises) 
  4. Painting a large scale face of Christ Pantocrator. 
  5. Painting of a Large scale small composition for more advanced students. 

Participants will be encouraged to observe George Kordis as he works on his current church phase throughout the mornings as an optional but highly beneficial aspect to the workshop.  

With the flexible schedule, this will also allow time for independent drawing inspired from works inside the church or on independent themes.  The hands-on workshop will be held in the afternoons where students will receive an average of 4 hours of direct learning instruction in large-scale drawing and painting from George Kordis, with Monday through Friday daily engagement from 4 to 8pm. 

A maximum of 12 people can be accepted into this program.

Students must bring their own brushes for wall painting (list to be provided) 

Pencils, erasers and a sketch pad. 

Primed canvas and large paper will be provided as well as all pigments and mediums for secco painting.

Cost: TBA


Please fill out the basic form (through the red registration button) and we will automatically place you on the interested list. You will then be notified with first option to proceed to registration when it is opened.

Once Registration is open, students on the list will be notified and billed through PayPal by Cinnabar.  

Please note that once payment is made and should you need to withdraw, we will refund your balance minus the deposit amount until one month before the start date.  Any withdrawals from less than one month onwards will be subject to only a refund of 50% of the tuition (minus the deposit) being returned. Thank you for your understanding. 

Any questions can be discussed by contacting Keri at info.writingthelight@gmail.com.



Optional daily church painting observation: anytime between 9am to noon and after lunch up to workshop time. 

Afternoon Workshop session: 3 to 7pm M-F (approximately 4 hours of instruction daily) 

Additional details will be shared with when Registration formally opens (early 2024).

Please email Keri at info.writingthelight@gmail.com if you have any immediate questions.


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